Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Celebration of my new fashion fiesta!


Lately besides green, my love & exploration 
to blue & red colours are on the rise! 
 I start wearing other colours besides my favourite green.

All my students and friends do compliment my change on my fashion style
"You look so different and great of late!"

So, I know I am ready to invest more on these two colours!
In fact, I have started the investments a few year back.
I can only wear them this year since I have no chance for the last few years...
Thank you God that my road to recovery is almost done!
It's a greener pasture just like my blog title is.
 Yup, not just that, I have added an extra wardrobe since last year....

The girl above wearing butterfly blouse and  with her little smile, 
she still looks charming and confident, ready to sprinkle 
some magic and charm to you!


Rascat said...

this is good :D like it so much!