Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Parisa Mahmoudi's 200th Post

I would like to dedicate this special video and illustration to my talented artist friend Parisa Mahmoudi in celebration her 200th post in blogging!
Video-This is the simplest way I can do for Parisa Mahmoudi at the time being.


parisa mahmoudi said...

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! :)
I love it!
I love it!
I love it!
You shocked me!That is Brilliant!So Sweet!Fantastic,all nice words I want to say to you,to thanks!
My dear friend Yoon See,so happy to hear your lovely voice again.
Be Happy

soulbrush said...

aaaaw what a sweet person you are yoon see, that's why we all love ya!

Lynn said...

very clever very cute...lucky friend.

Barbara/myth maker said...

Wonderful tribute! So creative. :)

Owl Eng said...

This is sweet and nice!! love the character and your cool style!! so unique and nice

T.H said...

so nice :) hehe..

Anny said...

this is so cool! you are a great person Yoonsee!

Congrats to Parisa too on ur 200th post!

mizzyN said...

yoon see
now i know how to pronounce your name. is that your voice?
cute dedication!

baincardin said...

waah!!! 200th post tu...:) Congratz!!! ^_^

get zapped said...

So sweet! I enjoyed this. Tender.

ValGalArt said...

what a wonderful friend you are and this is very clever, i love it!!!

MONICA said...

Nice present :)
good weekend

yunus said...

:) so creative, no need any software to create cool animation! haha...

Congrats to Parisa for the 200th posts! wow! its amazing lol :) hopefully I'll reach the same or more posts before quit blogging! :)

yoon see said...

Thanks friends for your kind comments:)

yoon see said...

Thanks parisa.
You are most welcome.
I am so glad that you love it!!!

Thanks soulbrush, you are another sweet person I love:)

Thanks Lynn,
Yeah, she is lucky!

Thanks Barbara,
I am glad that you enjoy the tribute:)

Thanks Owl Eng,
I actually adopted the character from Parisa. Thanks to parisa and thanks to Owl Eng for your kind comment.

Thanks TH,
You made me laugh!

Thanks Anny,
Thanks and I know that you are another great person, I really admire you:)

Thanks mizzyN,
Yeah, my name is so easy to pronounce...
Yeah, that's my voice...

Thanks baincardin,
I think you are not that far from 200t post...bain! I congrats to you first, bagi tahu, I will do the same to you...

Thanks get zapped,
Thank you once again, it's great to hear enjoyed it!

Thanks ValGalArt,
Yeah, some cool ideas...

Thanks Monica,
Great present for sure. Happy weekend to you too Monica.

Thanks Yunus,
I don't know animation, so just use this short cut!

Happy sweet weekends friends!!!

Chris said...

Yay, congrats for her! She has a lovely blog :)

yoon see said...

Thanks Chris for dropping by and your lovely comment:)

Amy C said...

you are so thoughtful and so amazingly creative this is so fantastic.
I love it.

yoon see said...

Thanks Amy. I will do the same to you if you let me know you have reached certain post:)

mizzyN said...

doing the old school thing with new media.

yoon see said...

Thank mizzyN! fashion now ma...!