Monday, April 19, 2010

New wares and tips on time management

Living Out Loud by Keri Smith
I love food, I want to enjoy myself with my new wares.
Dim Sum for breakfast

Lovely wares from Daiso

Thanks to my thoughtful blogger friend Teri Casper for this special gift, I am reading this "Living Out Loud" activities to fuel a creative life by Keri Smith for a boost! Just reading but take no action is just day dreaming.....

Some beautiful wares I got from Daiso Puchong inspired by the page above.

While searching for information on business plan, I came across this useful post from Inspire Craft Business Blog and thought of sharing with you. Look like I have high scores on the below......
I just review my goals and redo my daily plan. So, now you know Yoon See is working hard but I must also learn to work smart and effectively to make my dreams come true.

1. No clear goals
2. No priorities
3. No daily plan
4. Trying to do too much
5. Perfectionism
6. Disorganization
7. Poor decision making
8. Crisis management (too busy putting out fires)
9. Ineffective delegation
10. Interruptions
11. Meetings
12. Procrastination
Hope that you also have benefit from reading this post:)


Julie said...

Teri C is such a sweethearted person! I love her too!!! :) know the design on these plates, etc., looks just like you!!! So pretty...the dots and colors are just so sweet!

Anonymous said...


Amy C said...

such sweet and pretty china, what a lovely way to eat dinner!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your new dinner ware is nice. I like the polka dots. It is so cheerful.

Caroline said...

LOVE the plates too! Wow, what a list! I hope you were joking? You have great blogs, wonderful ideas and are an inspiration to many of us! Dream Away, and be easy on yourself! You do accomplish so much. Caroline

Owl Eng said...

interesting post! love the visual feast.
love the phrase 'living out loud'. it serves a good reminder to live to the fullest

messyfish said...

oh my gosh, that list is me all over! I am going to look at the links now for some help!