Thursday, July 22, 2010

Putrajaya Floral Festival 2010 I

Free admission to a nine day floral festival in Putrajaya

My interest in flower arrangement started on 2007 where I first helped my florist friend getting ready for a local event in KLCC. Then, came along for a two days flower arrangement in Putrajaya. Surely the projects were all fun...
I never missed visiting floral festival in Putrajaya. The first event was in 2007, the second one was in 2009 and the recent one just finished last Sunday. Never thought that weekdays was so crowded too, the visitors were mainly from secondary school students travelling on their school field trip. I think it's a good start, I didn't get to visit anywhere during my school time.
However, I personally prefer the 2007 and 2009 floral festival to this year floral festival, may be due to involvement in the project.
You can find more 2009 pictures here, here and here.
Appealing giant sea shells & green fonts
decorated by some random pink blooms.
Green shrub on wire mess structure
is an innovative green landscape design,
welcoming and drawing attention of its visitors!
Surrounded by beautiful blooms accentuated
my high spirit in happy posing,
yes I was in merry merry mood!
Noticable here I have got little tummy,
after a month of half practising Qi Kung,
my appetite is getting to be so good, abnormally good...
now I eat almost 6 meals a day
 got to do sit up to solve this problem.

Me and the colourful bold "1 Malaysia" avatar!
See, it's so huge!
I like the side view better.....
Another "1 Malaysia" avatar in display
in the garden area.
Featuring a decorative bird head lamp pose!

Flower display stands were placed
strategically along the roadside
Close up shot of the flower display stand