Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Putrajaya Floral Festival 2009 III

Orchids are Singapore's National Flowers.
However, Malaysia also have a lot of special Orchid species
where avid Orchid lovers must know!
Can you name them?


Owl Eng said...

I love orchids! you have captured their elegance and beauty so well. love the first one especially! the roof canopy (?) has made a wonderful backdrop to accentuate the colours and form & shape of the orchids ;)

Nessa said...

Orchids! Love 'em... very exotic!

I have a few wild orchids back home in my hometown. When they bloom, they're very sweet smelling but the flowers are kinda tiny.

WillOaks Studio said...

Those are just lovely photos of gorgeous flowers!! I adore orchids but grown as house plants...they never get quite as large as these!

Caroline said...

Such pretty photos! I adore orchids too! Aren't we lucky be able to buy them cheaply here in Malaysia?! I have lots in my garden - did you see my babies ?

Diane AZ said...

Yoon See, these are beautiful orchids! Everyone loves orchids, but not everyone can grow them. I have one as a houseplant, but it won't bloom. Glad to be able to enjoy orchid blossoms on your blog!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ilove those ruffled edges of the orchids. Beautiful colors too.

MONICA said...

Wonderful :) thanks for share.
Hugs and regards

marianne said...

I love orchids!
Hope you are less tired now Yoon See!
Vacation is supposed to bring you relaxation! So please relax!
You are such a busy lady........