Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Seeing pink!
I love colours,
previously seeing green & yellow,
now pink...

Something so appealing, it wrapped my attention:)

My storage box CD!

Loving it so much!

I love watching dogs having a makeover especially when they put on their cute doggy costumes!
Mindy is well wrapped with a super kawai Japanese waitress dress!
And now my open admiration to you Mindy, "You're looking great! Would you be my Valentine?"

I also want to dedicate this painting to Anny.
Anny just came back from the recent Dogathon. She has inspired me to make this abstract dog possible! Thanks Anny!

Actually, I must confess my first love is to paint abstract!
I love this style a lot but I have checked with most friends and even with my siblings.
They don't understand abstract and they would prefer other type of arts.
However, despite my love to abstract. I will continue to produce more abstract to come.


Barbara/myth maker said...

Keep abstracting, it's great. :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I thought this might be someone using binoculars at first. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

i love the colors combination.Awesome!Keep it up.

Anny said...

hehhehee.. this dog so cute.. and pink with the black works.. the strokes are pretty awesome yoonsee :) great work!

INDIGENE said...

Beautiful colors and textures! Blessings to you!

yoon see said...

Thank you friends:)

Amy C said...

fantastic, the colors are so beautiful and uplifting, your abstract paintings are so interesting.

marianne said...

Wonderful box!
Great for wrapped!