Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Weekword-Aroma (Lemon)

Aroma-First I smell it....
Visual-I see it and put all my attention on it!
Kinetic-I feel it and not just drink it
but blog about it...and share it!
Good smell, good taste, good time
all contained in a cup of lemon citrus!

A beautiful lemon citrus mug
Simple, clean print of the mug
but big meaning behind!
Front view:
An unique mug designed especially
for recollecting the precious moment
at sampling lemon citrus!
Rear view:
A beautiful health quote of well being
This week Friday Week is Aroma!
So, I am going to talk about my findings about aroma and some related points of it.
For those that follow my blog will know I have been posting a lot of yellow lately.
This post also not exceptional.
Today, I am going to share a post about lemon citrus-
The lush of vivid yellow, its aroma and its amazing facts:)
Lemonade doesn't have a very strong smell like coffee and tea.
But you will notice its exisitence if you are an observance person. Basically, its aroma is very mild, gentle and pleasing!
I am sure many of you have the great time drinking lemonade. The best part of it is the smell that makes me feel happy, stay positive and having a lot of great creative imagination. Normally, a great lemonade consist of mixture of lemon juice, water and sugar. However, there are many ways of preparing it.
In western country, lemonade is usually sold as a refresher.
Some kids even set up their lemonade stand during summers in oder to gain some extra side income.
One more thing, some of my blogger friends and I also received this lemonade award before.
It's a creative awarded to artist that made green natural art!
Last but not least, please use your imagination and a normal lemon can works miracle!


Duni said...

thanks for sharing this post about all things 'lemon'. I crave lemon tea!

thx also for your kind comment on my blog :)


Nicky Linzey said...

Mmmm .. love lemon tea, it is so good for you too! Have a great weekend Yoon See. Ha - the word verification here is 'sourer'!!!

Fruenswerk said...

Lemons smells soooo nice...yes :)

L'Atelier said...

Wonderful colours, and love lemon tea,I enjoyed your aromas! :)

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)
Wow! You girl love lemon tea, lemonade!

kenwooi said...

i like ice lemon tea! haha. =D