Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Weekword-Aroma ( Perfumes & Therapy)

Perfumes by friends
Love its yellow orange reflection
Beautiful two tone perfumes bottle
comes with Mandarin words "Wonders"

Perfumes are part of daily therapy for health.
Smell good, feel good can encourage a healthy lifestyle!
I would like to share with you my perfumes collection. He..he..I just have two only.
Actually I hardly use them. All are gifts from friends:)
I love the smell of perfumes especially those with very lightly flower scene types.
I don't wear perfumes at all because I love my own body smell, not that I have the bad body smell but I would love to have the smell like a baby, that everyone just love to get closer and feel the natural part of me!

Aroma therapy gift set given
by my friend Tsu San
My friend Tsu San is super good at choosing gifts. Every year, she gives me different gifts. I have received a few earrings from her. Liquid bath soap set, aroma therapy, jewelries, motivation books and etc. I haven't use the aroma therapy gift set yet, I really cherish the gift. So I just keep it as its original state.
So, what perfumes and aroma therapy set that you love and are currently using?


mizzyN said...

i like this perfume which my fren ida from who bought it from bandung. it is suposed to smell like annasui, a knock off maybe.

yoon see said...

Thanks mizzyN:)

kenwooi said...

well i dont fancy some of the perfume smell.. haha.. =P