Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Precious Moments

My precious moments

What is your unforgettable precious moment?

The moment when you are alone.
Sometimes, treating ourselves with a simple home cook instant noodle alone is enough!
I really love the instant noddle Maggi Mee Asam Laksa flavour. I can savour it again and again.....
At least 3 bowls of such....continunously! Just too hard to resist!!!

Fun noddle time

The moment when you are accompanied.
Do you have pets, I had mine dog, fishes but died......:(
I still remember my great time with them. I shall share their pictures with you in another post.
So, I come out with these little illustrations. I love them so well. I will duplicate these and share with my cactus monday team members!

Fun time with pets

So, what is your precious moments, please share your thoughts here:)

May my sharing and your sharing become one of your precious moments too!

I leave you with some sweet videos that had inspired me, hope you will feel the same too! Enjoy!!!

P/s: My precious moment with my aunties and counsin today, even though we were busy serving them After they left, we then attented to the chore cleaning around the house. I was not free just like want I had wished on Friday Filled Up 7.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Getting to visit with my children are precious moments to me.

Also just having time to myself is precious. I don't have much time to myself.

MONICA said...

Hi! It´s so adorable, thanks for share your wonder ilustrattions and these videos. Hugs and regards :) Nice sunday.

Teri C said...

Your little children are so adorable Yoon See. My precious moments are those that I spend with my family.

yoon see said...

Thanks Lisa, Monica and Teri:)

Barbara/myth maker said...

I love your illustrations, yoon see! Especially "fun with pets"... that is just so adorable.
Being with my cats are special moments for me, too, and being with family members (mother, sister, niece), too.

Caroline said...

What sweet illustrations, Yoon See! Family, friends and pets always provide us with special moments!!

Diana Evans said...

oh so sweet! These are wonderful Yoon See!!! Hope you had a great weekend!!! with many precious moments!!!

- c H i E n - said...

instant noodle is bad for health! But I love it all the same as well. I consider time chatting with my friends very precious. They always make me happy. =D

INDIGENE said...

Checking in with family and friends are precious to me, because life gets in the way! Hello Beloved Yoon See, thank you for all the love you've sent me! You are precious to me also! Hugs & Peace!

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

marianne said...

Wow Yoon See they are lovely!
Love the little girl with the pets. You are a great illustrator!

yoon see said...

Thanks Marianne:)