Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins 7

Graphic courtesy of Tonya! we go!
1. When I heard gossip I either join in or stay away.
2. Friend is the best medicine.
3. It's late, but I am still committed to post my late night entries!
4. Smile and be happy always.
5. My eyes have seen my skin healing after gone through a strick diet and seeing a recommended master since a week ago.......
6. Hug your friend strongly.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to blogging, tomorrow my plans include making a special gift and Sunday, I want to be free......!


- c H i E n - said...

I just gave my friend a really firm hug. She is probably on the plane to Australia now. :,(

soulbrush said...

i like reading these, i get to know more about you, specially nunber 5. good for you!!

stephy said...

I need a huggie from my bestie~ miss her. and she's flying off ady *sobs sobs*

Anonymous said...

nice =)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hopeyou have a great weekend.

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)
chien are missing her:(

Thanks, I still continue my good effort on this!

Yeah, friend is the best!

Nice lol:)
You miss anyone kenwooi?

Thank you for your kind wishes lisa.

Ces said...

Yoon See, I created a new special award and you are one of its first recipients. Will you please do me the honor of accepting it? Thanks.

Squirrel Girl said...

These seem like a lot of fun! Yes I would love to do an illustration exchange with you! One of my most favorite things is exchanging art through the mail!My e-mail is squirrelgirlillustrates(at)gmail(dot)com

Art Fan Ako said...

Congrats to your award!

Owl Eng said...

Nice pic and i always enjoy reading your friday fill-ins! have great great weekend!!

kj said...

it's very fun to learn more and more about you. you are a creative, gentle and kind woman, and i'm glad to know you.


yoon see said...

Thank you friends:)
Thank you Ces, I am honoured for this great award!

Squirrel Girl
Thanks friend!

Art Fan Ako
Thank you for your wishes:)

Owl Eng
Same to you too dear Owl Eng:)

Thank you, I also love to learn more of you.