Thursday, July 2, 2009


"Worn" The Young & Old
Close-up of "worn"
Worn Worn Worn
Worn Wonders
Wane Wallop
Wishy-Washy Ideas in & out.....
Be brave and just walk up and never worn-out!
Whether young or old, poeple all have their worn out time frame!
Reflex, Stop and Go........don't let the worn session stay on you!
On the left: An inquisitive child got the worn out period after the whole day play!
If only, he or she takes a break1

On the right: As old age catching up, this old folk looks worn from the outside-in and inside out. If only he or she is young at heart.....


Shirley said...

A very nice piece! I'm interested in what you painted this've captured periods of "worn" on these faces. Nicely done!

Emila Yusof said...

so cute and pretty at the same time, yoon see!

Caroline said...

LOVE IT! Your ideas are fantastic! Out of the box! Great job.

Julie said...

What a neat painting!!! Is this done on a plate??? This is a really fresh idea!!!

Owl Eng said...

Brilliant take on 'Worn'. Love the messages conveyed by thid cute illo ;)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A good take on worn. I am feeling worn today. ha...

Eric Barclay said...

Beautiful work-- really nice concept!

Anonymous said...

unique artwork! =)

marianne said...

Beautiful piece of art!

ValGalArt said...

very beautiful and super cool! I love the way you did this :)

Senta said...

WHat a great idea!! You are so talented :) And your cat is soo cute...

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Thanks and you have made my day:)

Kak Emila
Thanks Kak Emila:)

Thanks for your encouragement!

It's on a coaster. Thanks.

Owl Eng
I agree with you. Love you!

Then rest well!

Eric Barclay
Thanks for your kind words:)

I am so thrilled!

Thanks thanks!

Thanks for always dropping by and giving me the most from your kind point of view:)

Yeah the cat is cute. Thanks for your wishes.

Gerald said...

Such an adorable illustration!

yoon see said...

Thank you Gerald!