Sunday, July 5, 2009

MizzyN-My contest winner of "Drifting"

Congratulations MizzyN!
My talented artist MizzyN won the "Drifting Contest" organised by me last two weeks.
She was the only participant that participated in this contest and she also had all the correct answers.
Thank you to join in the play my dear friend MizzyN.
I love all that you had created and there are sweet, fun and meaningful too.
I really feel not alone for you are one of my best friends.
I hope to meet up with you soon and we can go makan-makan....then you can collect your mystery gift from me:)

Besides, she was also the only person that did my kiwi picture tag!

Her winning poem titled 'drifting'

I am drifting
And I am not talking about the car stunt here
I am talking about leisurely drifting on a one way river
To the end of it if the weather's great
Right now the sun is high in the sky
It's hot but it's okay
Oh now I think I am about to drift to sleep too
But if my mother calls me for lunch
I'll have to skip this and
drift away my plans for a healthy meal
If you still would love to join in for fun, just download any images from here and present a Kiwi picture tag at your blog and then link back to the Kiwi tag entry.
Thank you.


mizzyN said...

owhh, i'm blushing now. thanks yoon see.

rasa berbesar hati sangat mengenali awak yoon see. hihihi (gelak malu)