Thursday, June 25, 2009

IF/ Contest-Drifting

Drifting: In search of identity!
The meaning of driftings
are very profound and untangible.
My darling sketch book,
a gift of love by Parisa, all the way drifting from Iran.
The drifting season is in.

Contest Title: Guess the "Drifts"
1. Can you find how many "driftings" in this illustration?
2. Write a creative poem or sentences to correspond to the "driftings" that you have found.

Greener Pastures
Always my dream destiny
Greener Land
Always my soul journey
Green coconuts
Always fresh & juicy

The green coconuts are drifting across the ocean, in search of their new home and identities:)

Prize: A printed copy of this illustration and a mystery gift.
Contest time frame: Starts today and ends on Thursday the 2nd July 2009, 12pm Malaysian's time.
Participation: Open to all.
Result: Sunday the 6th July 2009.
The Judges: My family and I
Thank you for your creative participation.
Be sure to stay with us here for more fun contest update!


Chan Wah Chen said...

Hi, friend

I like you pen and ink work too.

Owl Eng said...

Nice B&W drawing!! love the mountain contour

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Black and white
not the easiest decision
while drifting

MONICA said...

Hi! adore your draws in black and white. Congratulattions :)

Teri C said...

This is wonderful ink work Yoon See. Very different for you.

Delwyn said...

Hi Yoon see

Where shall we send our entries Yoon don't show an email adress

Happy days

Cserháti Hajnalka, Ojni said...

Nice illo! :)) Very!

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)
Wah Chen
I also think so...thanks.

Owl Eng
Wow! That's good.
Love these simple details...

A bit abstract here..

Thanks for your kind adoration Monica!

Yeah, but I always draw in b& w too. Just that I didn't show then here...

You can write an entry at your blog and link back to me.
Or post your contest entry in this comment box!


mizzyN said...

i can see six drifters, two sampans, two coconuts, a 'rakit' and the person on the rakit.

My poem titled 'drifting'

I am drifting
And I am not talking about the car stunt here
I am talking about leisurely drifting on a one way river
To the end of it if the weather's great
Right now the sun is high in the sky
It's hot but it's okay
Oh now I think I am about to drift to sleep too
But if my mother calls me for lunch I'll have to skip this and
drift away my plans for a hearty meal

yoon see said...

You are very creative, congrats, you win!