Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Picture Tag-Kiwi

Mandarin word: Enter
Just a random doddle!
My breakfast: "K" for Kiwi
Love the inner green and the outer brown.
So heavenly matching!
Close-up views of the Kiwi
Not many like tag but this picture tag I just created is cute.
I am tagging: Anny, Amy C, Bain Cardin, Diya, Julie, Kak Emila, Ken Ong, Lisa, Lynn, May Chan, Marvic, MizzyN, Nessa, Owl Eng, Perisa Mahmoudi, Soulbrush, Squirrel Girl, Teri Casper, TH, Vanessa, Yunus Ismail and Vanessa Brantley Newton.
Please select and download any of the original images above (the one that you feel like doing), then incorporate somethings funny (free topic) using any software or application that you think is appropraite. You can use photoshop, corel paint or paint software. (paint software is installed in every computer)
For those like to join in for fun, please do so.


Nessa said...

Yoon See, how to do this tag ah? Where's the instruction :)

soulbrush said...

tee hee now this really IS a challenge as i am not a computer whizz at all. but you know me, i lurv a challange will see what I can do...tee hee....

baincardin said...

thanks for the tag Yoon See! :)

cantik kiwi tu diukir. :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is funny!! I love it. I will try my hand at this Yoon. You are so funny and very clever too.
love ya

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You must not have been hungry this morning. This is very creative.

Cserháti Hajnalka, Ojni said...

I must to go to eat a kiwi! :))
Good idea!
I like your image with entree

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)
Sorry, just incorporated the instruction:)

Thanks for your positiveness:)


Thanks, I will see what you come up with:)

Yeah, not hungry at all1

You like kiwi too, it's green:)

Squirrel Girl said...

haha this is funny! It looks fun! I will be sure to do this.

I gave you some hints on my blog for the contest in the comments!

Your comments are so nice.. they really give me the courage to keep illustrating! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't pay attention to the title, and was wondering what fruit it was as I progress down the post. Then I guess kiwi right before the picture that said kiwi on the fruit =P

Interesting idea.

Gaia said...

LOL!! Now you make me want to play "Kiwi Carving"! :DDD

get zapped said...

How clever!

Btw, thank you for letting me know about Bella Sinclair's husband. That's so sad. I see she hasn't posted in a few weeks, and nothing was mentioned about her loss. I don't know whether to comment on her blog about it....

Peace to you.

aimee said...

this is really fun! :)

Gerald said...

Looks like fun, I may try something with the extra sour kiwi's I have in the fridge :)

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Squirrel girl:
We are here for friends.
Encouragement will build friendship!
I hope you are very positive planning your creative way to show the world how much you love art!

Yeah, sometimes we see & read things, words and pictures too fast lol!

You also fall for this. Glad you join in this crazy carving team!

Get zapped:
Don't worry, Bella will be fine:)
You got a kind heart, just pray for her & her two girls:)

Fun, you want to join aimee?!

Ha..Ha..Show me after this brother.

Anonymous said...

i like kiwi! =)

yoon see said...

Yeah Ken, you want to do the tag, your name is Kenwooi!

mizzyN said...

i meant to paste my link here but totaly forget about it, here it is.