Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glitter Wonder

Cool details and artistic colours, who can resist these:)


T.H said...

wow they are pretty!

T.H said...

Glitter on your eyes :) hehe.. but I think its expensive

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love bright and shiny.

Julie said...

I can see from this post and prior posts that you love color, sparkle and pizzaz!!! I do too! I really love the last two have me thinking I would like to use these colors in my bedroom with the light purple walls in there (leftover from my daughter living in that room)! I am thinking purple, blues and lime greens!!! Very cool.

yoon see said...

Thanks friends!

It could be expensive too TH!

Me too:)

He..He..We have gang here:)
Yeah, I like the colours that you mentioned here too Julie:)

MONICA said...

Its so pretty colors and details!
hugs and regards from spain :)

Anonymous said...

nice glitters..
its like the stars.. haha.. =)