Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gifts from Teri Casper II

My super talented friend Teri's gifts have just arrived this late evening.
Thanks for your gifts, I really love all your best green picks Teri:)
View the first gifts she had given me here.


deepazartz said...

Such lovely gifts dear lady!So fine!

Great green going there:)
And the cactus with the red bloom had everyone's eye on it:)

Enjoy your gifts!

Lynn said...

Ah ha! YOU got that red blooming cactus. I wonder to whom it went!
Isn't all her art just wonderful?! Yes, it is. Lucky us who receive some.

Owl Eng said...

Teri's drawings are always lovely and fun. i always visit her beautiful blog ;).

Caroline said...

Your mail box is always full! These are gorgeous - aren't you luck?!!