Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gifts from Rei

Whimsical children illustrations by Rei
Trillion thank you to my talented illustrator Japanese friend Rei for your cool gem gifts, I am so touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness, sending all your love to me from Japan.

Last December, she won the Illustration Friday Contest entitled "Similar". where I found her and became good friend.

My favourite rei's illustration.

Cool greeting from Japan.
Rei's gifts including a love letter attention to me,
Japanese gift wrapper, a sweet pink gel pen,
a Japanese magazine c/w with a colourful tote!
Latest June issue-trendy fashion Japanese magazine.
My best wishes to you Rei that you are happy, positive, healthy and creative everyday.
Same goes to your family especially your father, uncle please take good care of yourself.
I am so proud of you because you have a wonderful daugther!
She had exhibited in many countries Internationally.
Currently, she is so busy with her exhibition in Japan.
Please visit her blog and website to find out more!


Owl Eng said...

I love her illos!! lovely and cool style! you have wonderful gifts from this talented artist ;)

deepazartz said...

Hmmm see you've also gifts, wonderful gifts...which means that you too are dear to so many:)

Very nice friend indeed! LOve the illo....beautifully done. I am reminded of Bella:)

deepazartz said...

Thanks for your lovely comments in my blog. Will mail you my email id, ok. Bye for now.

Caroline said...

What wonderful illustrations! Lucky girl, Yoon See - showered with gifts from a dear friend!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh, these are absolutely adorable! Love the happy innocence!

Lynn said...

Rei's art is definitely delightful.
Love the little kids with boots up in the air. Nice nice thoughtful gifts.