Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Gifts: Hearts cracked , would you accept them?
Colours of your mood!
Close-up of cracked hearts!
Coaster form of IF "cracked" series!
Concept: Cracked of thunder storm.
Adventurous: Cracked ice-skating wonderland!
Abstract: Cracked heart woe!
Co-exist: I cracked a joke and you be my loyal listener.
(Moonlight Sonata)
Co-exist: I cracked a joke and you be my loyal listener.
(Mint Flavour)
I would like dedicate these printed ATC coaster set to all my friends,
first priority to my Cactus Monday group members
and to whoever would love to trade the above mentioned.
I will print them on some good quality cards,
so that you all can share the same design you like, no one will miss out!
I will continue to create my IF illustrations using this printed coaster set until the end of June.
Then, I will send them to you.
So, friends come on and trade!
Yoon See


deepazartz said...

O so sweet! The first one is fabulous!!! The thunderstorm and abstract are also too good:)

But I'll have to wait as I've nothing for trade now. Hope you have a nice time.

Btw, did you like my haiku that was with the swan? Thanks for liking my illo:)I am happy that you felt the love!

Lynn said...

I'd love to trade for the cracked hearts. Come see my slide shows for available ATCs for trade (the ones with names on them are already taken)...I'll be adding to the slides soon too with more.
email me at with your snail mail address when you make your selection.

Teri C said...

Your art is so amazing and beautiful Yoon See!!!

Sioux said...

These are wonderful!!! I love them!

baincardin said...

Cracked ideas! bain x pernah fikirkan idea macam ni. :) very nice and cute cracked :)

Teri C said...

I am back because I want to trade with you but I wanted others to have a choice but I see no one picked the ones I wanted so may I request the top two-yellow and lightening ones? I love them all and it was a hard choice.

Then you need to come and pick two from me.

Owl Eng said...

you have so many fantastic ideas on "Cracked". And all of your works are fabulous!! The cracked hearts are beautiful... can't see any flaw at all ;) The cracked wonderland and thunderstorm are great too. Love the moonlights as well.... really sweet

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Utter delicious and fun! I love all them. The moon one really got me!! hee hee hee! These are great pieces!

Caroline said...

Wow, Yoon See you have been so busy and creative!!! What a wonderful set all ready to trade! When I get back I must try making some ATCs too.

Eric Barclay said...

These are all wonderful. I LOVE the ice skating one especially! Hope you have had a fantastic week and enjoy your weekend.

beckasharpe said...

Thank you for all your kind comments on my blog. I have a couple more weeks then I am all finished with my exams. These are lovely designs, and so many! Hope all is well with you! :o)

Squirrel Girl said...

What a neat idea!

Chris said...

These are so pretty. I like the cracked hearts :)

Bella Sinclair said...

AAAH! These are fabulous! Wonderful cracked images. And speaking of cracked.....your Hello Kitties did NOT come cracked. Honest truth! You did such a great job of packing them. My older daughter took the pink dressed one, my younger daughter wanted the blue one, and I love the one with the pink and green dress. They are so cute!!! Thank you again, dear friend. :)

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)
Deepazartz:It's OK. I will send something to you:)
Teri C:OK.
Sinoux: I am so happy.
Baincardin: Cutekan!
Owl Eng: Thanks Owl Eng, which one you want!
Vanessa: Yeah, I got it!
Caroline: Welcome to join us:)
Eric Barclay: Same to you and you are always my inspiration brother Eric:)
beckasharpe: You take care too in midst of business:)
Squirrel Girl: Thanks, you got wow ideas! Love your blog!!!
Chris: Thanks, I love your dropping by.
Bella Sinclair: OMG! It's Bella here. I really longing for your dropping by, thanks and hope you will treasure them:)