Monday, May 2, 2011

Gifts from Emily Yusof

I won this cute little green ridinghood doll from a giveaway organised
by talented illustrator Emila Yusof in 2009. I only got time to collect it from her last two months.
Besides, she also gave me other gifts that she handmade for her online shop.

Thanks again Kak Emila, how lucky am I that you always remember me.
Of course, I also made some handmade gifts for her. I believe that a friendship works when both cherish, love and support each other.
The Green Little Ridinghood
 Close up of the Little Green Ridinghood
Front view
 Side view
 Rear view
 Pink birdy charm with
a matching light checkered box!
 Close up view of charming pink birdy!
 Emila's illustrated key chains
The sleeping beauty
butterfly series!
Three boxes with presents given by Kak Emila.

See the gifts that she given to me in 2008 and
the blog post I wrote and won this little green ridinghood here!