Monday, October 19, 2009

"I want Emila's cute handmade dolly because..."

My beloved friend Kak Emila Yusof is having a fabulous birthday giveaway. It's a super cute little Red & Green Ridinghood as shown above.
I really want Emila's cute handmade dolly because I am actually a big fan of Kak Emila. So getting a one and only handmade gift from her is super privilege. It will be my little companion to sleep along! The joy of participating and win is equivalent to getting the 1st prize in blog 4 FT!

I have been visiting her for a few times. Every meet ups are super fun and thrilling. Before I get to meet her in person, I admire her works through her blog. I am lucky to be invited to meet up with her, so naturally I got to see more of her up-close works . Her illustrations, craft and postcard series are just so adorable & uplifting, they are even more beautiful when you see, feel and touch them. I feel like collecting them....

Kak Emila
is very thoughtful. She is giving away gift on her birthday and I wonder does she receive birthday gifts from friends and fans. I already gave Kak Emila a craft book two months ago. I am sure she got inspirations to create the above from there too.

Guess that you are convinced as why I should win.......

However, the rest of the contestants are also giving a lot of valid supporting reasons in order to win. I have tried my best to state my interests here and I am finger cross awaiting good news from Kak Emila. He..He..Don't disappoint me Kak Emila....please!

Last but not least, again I hope Kak Emila will win the second place at blog4FT as wished!

If you would love to take part, below are the simple rules to get started:
1 – Write a blog post, “I want Emila’s cute handmade dolly because…” in not more than 50 words. You are welcome to write in Bahasa Malaysia as well.
2 – Link to this post
3- Post your link in my comment box and you’ll get a link back in this post.
4 – There’s no number 4; write now and tell me how bad you want it!
Contest opens to all bloggers (local + international). Closing date will be on 12.30 midnight, 21st October (the exact time and date of my birth) 2009. While you’re at it, a birthday wish might add bigger chance for you to win.


Emila Yusof said... heart is melting!!! thanks for the post and most of all thank you for the great wish! Thank you also for being my friend!

mizzyN said...

the small words made me laugh, don't disappoint her kak emila.

Benedict Chow said...

your small print "...please!" is most convincing :D I think my heart will melt is I', Kak Emila Yusof ;) Wish you dream come true Yoon See

MONICA said...

Woo! make me smile :) nice monday.
Hugs and regards.

Edna / HandmadeDiva said...

Such a cute crocheted doll.

yoon see said...

Emila Yusof
Same here.

Sometimes, I also got my naughty side!

Benedict Chow
OK but i think not fair to the rest.....They all made very good entries!

Happy Monday too:)


Julie said...

Awe...what a cute little dolly...I am hoping you win!!!

Nessa said...

Good morning Yoon See!!

Congratulations to you... you've won Emila's lil Red&Green Ridinghood!!! :D