Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye 2010 and taking leave in blogging!

Another one day left to say "Bye 2010"
and to "Hi 2011"!

Happy day! I want to thank you Shavani from My Owl Barn for giving me this opportunity to participate in her Owl Lover 2011 calendar project, which along side been featured with other 29 talented illustrators including my dear friend Owl Eng. I had posted up this bye 2010 owl illustration in my blog before, please visit here to read more!

You too could participate in this project, all you got to do is to visit her beautiful blog and choose to download the owl illustrations that you like! Enjoy!

As for my goal to open an online shop in 2011, it will be postponed to the year 2012. I am still fine tuning my products and studying smart for my piano exam:)

God is good, he is giving me lots of inspiration, love and support! Though there were some unhappy moment but God is at work, He really answers my prayers and brings me back!

I also want to thank you to all my friends and readers for your unfailing support to me.
Today, my decision to take leave in blogging is final. It will be about 10 months to a year duration.
Thank you:)

Yoon See

It's so hard to say good bye,
please read more of my feeling here!

Yes, 2011 is just about to begin, it's renewal time,
please read this and reflect!


marianne said...

I will miss you you but being so busy maybe this is good for you for a while!
We will be waiting for you!

PS your packet has arrived I love the content! You are always such a sweet friend.
Although not blogging I hope we will keep in touch.....

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh wow, I love your cute and clever owl 2010 illustration!

Yoon See, you will not be forgotten. Never. I wish you much good fortune and happiness and success during your break. We shall miss you and eagerly await your return! Happy 2011!

Evelyn said...

Yoon See, take care and have a nice rest. Hope to see you soon.

Happy New Year, hope 2011 brings you lots of good things.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Best Wishes to you Yoon See for this coming year and forever. We will be here waiting for your return. Have fun over the weekend.

Mónica said...

My best wishes for a happy new year. Hugs and thanks for your kind post and your frienship.

parisa mahmoudi said...

My dearest friend,

I'm sad about hearing it! :(
I wish you all the best in your piano classes & I would wait to see you in blogland soon.
Soooo Thanks for your lovely words in your posts and your comments.I never forget you.

Love Love Love

p.s.Your illo in that lovely calender is BRILLIANT.Well Done!!!

parisa mahmoudi said...

My dear friend,I want to send you something as a goodbye,to thanks for your great friendship,what do you like more?please email me.

Caroline said...

Happy New Year Yoon See. Enjoy your blogging break and take care. Good luck with your piano exam too.

Gai said...

Happy New Year to you. I will miss you but look forward to you coming back. It takes time to blog. You have been marvellous.

baincardin said...

Hi Yoon See!!!~

Happy Belated New Year 2011!!!~ ^_^

*I'm experimenting HDR on Dragons! yay!!!~ ^_^

Nicky Linzey said...

Happy New Year Yoon See. We will miss you - hope you enjoy your time off from blogging and I look forward to your return!

baincardin said...

bro Edoras baru saja join dunia blogging. Jom support and welcome him to the world of blogging! yay! ^_^

dani torrent said...

Happy new year, dear yoon see. I wish you the best!!!

parisa mahmoudi said...

My dearest friend Yoon See,
Thank you so much for your comments.
And thank you for your mail,I'm so interested to see it!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Best Wishes

p.s.Yep,That was me! ;)

Sarah's Creations said...

Hi Yoon See,
I hope you are well. Cute Owl illustration.

Happy 2011. I never forget you.

I look forward to send you the beads. I hope you write to my soon.


Anonymous said...

Happy 2011. Wishing you a Happy Chinese New Year 2011 ... have a good year, family and friends and a save journey this festive times.

Gong Xi Fa Cai !

Nessa said...

Dear Yoon See,

Sorry I've missed out a lot of your postings. Didn't know that you are taking leave from blogging. Anyway, I hope everything is well with you.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very auspicious and prosperous Chinese New Year.