Friday, May 7, 2010

Gifts from talented Marianne

Thank you talented and friendly Marianne to remember always.
These are the handmade gifts you made for me in midst of business. I really appreciate your sincerity, thoughtfulness and generosity as a soul friend.

Love her favourite art creation of Mandala. My favourite of hers are here, here and here.
She specialise in making beautiful mandalas. She has been often commissioned by friends and clients to make exclusive mandalas for many special occassions. This exclusive CD cover was one of her beautiful commissional works!

So, see more in her blog and Etsy's shop.

Also, how can you resist Sjimmie the charming and playful cat!
Watch the video here and Sjimmie's adventures here:)
Beautiful Mandala
Fine art and Charactered postcard
Love note from Marianne


Owl Eng said...

it is very beautiful, yoon see.
it brings peace and love to my heart

marianne said...

Thank you for all your sweet words about me. But I made this specially because you are always so thoughtful and generous yourself! ;)