Friday, May 7, 2010

Gifts from Parisa Mahmoudi!

Lovely gifts from super talented and very friendly Parisa Mahmoudi!
She sent me a greeting card, birthday card, Christmas card, friendship card , peaceful card and last but not least a traveller card.
She is so kind to invite me to contribute my creation here for this beautiful traveller card.
Thank you Parisa and your words always warm my heart. You are the most friendly friend I have:)
Happy Mother's Day to you and your darling mother too. Please send my regards to her and enjoy!


parisa mahmoudi said...

Hi Dear Yoon See! :D
Your welcome my brilliant friend.
I'm really happy that you like them.
Best wishes for you from my mom and I

Mónica said...

Hi Dear friend! i like very much your black cat and these beautiful gifts from Parisa :) Have a nice weekend, enjoy your gifts.

Owl Eng said...

the gifts are very beautiful and inspiring!! and they are very unique too