Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gift collections from friends

These are the gifts I received from friends around the world and now have become my gift collections. Thank you friends:)
Please forgive me if I have missed to display yours here. My sister in-law is having my camera away for a holiday. I will update this post yeah!

ATC collections Bookmark collections

Greeting card collectionsJewelry collectionsSoftie collections
Bag collection Mini Japanese Picture Album collectionCalender collections Print collections

Special thanks to all my beloved friends Anny, Amy C, Bella Sinclair, Caroline, Cherry Blossom Girl, Emila Yusof, Gerald, Julie, Lisa, Lolo, Lynn, Marianne, Margaret, Monica, Nessa, Nicky Linzey, Ojni, Parisa Mahmoudi, Sarah Flood, Shirley, Soulbrush, Squirrel Girl, Teri, Vanessa Brantley Newton for making this gift collections possible!


eugene said...

of all, i like the book marks collection, you know what i've just thought of buying a book mark ( a nice one for sure) cos i never owned a nice book mark, usually i will use whatever comes my way when i stop reading, name cards, dollar note, brochures, dan lain lain,,,

hey take care now, and just to let you know, i still remember you,,god bless

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have been mightly blessed. So much inspiration coming directly to you.

junezach said...

Wonderful collections! Two thumbs up! ^_^

get zapped said...

You sure have scored!! But, you deserve it :)

Gerald de Dios said...

You have such a wonderful collection especially your ACEO set!!!! I'm just starting to collect :)

Sarah's Creations said...

Gorgeous gifts Yoon See. You deserve it dear friend.