Thursday, April 8, 2010

Awards from friends and for me

Thanks to my blogger friends for your continual friendship and support to make these awards possible.
Special thanks to Denesa from Parentimes for the Best Blog Award.
Thank you to June Zach from Fledgling Blogger for awarding Greener Pastures these awards: the Best Blog Award and A Loyalty Blog Award.My warmest thank you to Monica from Ilustraciones Infantiles for presenting me the Sunshine Award.
So thank you to Deepa from Deepaz World of Artz for the Butterfly Award.

Now, Yoon See is honour to present these awards to their winners:

Best Blog Award
Anh off the record
Ben's Slice of Life
Bain Cardin
Bella Sinclair
Cally Jane of Cally Jane Studio
The Cherry Blossom Girl
Dwelyn of Hazy Moon
Emila Yusof
Emily of Art of the Masses
Adi Bahari of Kusut
Parisa Mahmoudi
Stanley Liew's Me and The World

A Loyalty Blog Award
Amy C
Bella Sinclair
June Zach
Lisa Bowman
Nickey Linzey
Owl Eng
Poetic Shutterbug
Sarah Flood

Sunshine Award
Evelyn Howard
Julie Creswell
Lisa Bowman
Lisa Rivas
Margaret Ann
Teri Casper
Studio Lolo

Butterfly Award
Diana Evan
Katherine L. white
May C
Messy Fish
Sarah Flood
Vanessa Brantley Newton


hitesh rawat said...

aah....June gave he this award last December.......when i comes from June it's definitely matters...

cheers to must be working good to get it.....

hope to be back......though i found you at Mohan's blog.... :)

see we have so many mutual bloggers friend

Evelyn Howard said...

and Thanks :D.

Mónica said...

Congrats Yoon See! thanks for share these awards.
Congrats for all friends :)

junezach said...

Wow! Thanks for the feature Yoon See! :D

You deserve all these awards! Congratulations! ^_^

- June Zach -
Fledgling Blogger

Mohan said...

Congrats to you for all those awards and also congrats to those who received from Yoon See :)
Good to see so much of positive energy out here with a set of whole new blogging frineds!

Ben said...

Yoon See, Congrat to you and thank you for sharing the awards ;) Happy weekend!

Sarah's Creations said...

Thank you dear Yoon See and Congratulations.

soulbrush said...

so glad you got all these wonderful awards yoon see. and thanks for the sunshine award, i really need some sunshine in my life right now. you are a darling.

Incik RestNrilekS said...

Thanks yoon see for the award.

Thanks for your thoughtful thoughts.

Congrats to all too.

Have a great Sunday ya : )

p/s: it has been a while since i last commented here, but i often slowly sneak and peep your artistic blog. Aha. Owh, i ve got to buy my self a new virtual display cabinet to show off my award. :D

Owl Eng said...

congrats!! very happy for you! and thanks for your sharing ya

Nicky Linzey said...

Yoon See - these Awards are well deserved for you, congratulations and thank you too for loyalty award. You're a true friend.

parisa mahmoudi said...

Wow,Sooooo thanks my friend!!!!!!!
You are always so kind to me!!!!!! :D
And I would post you the traveler card tomorrow.Hope you receive it safe and sound and make it beautiful.


parisa mahmoudi said...

...your address didn't change,did it?! please announce me my dear.

Rascat/Catherine said...

so nice XD

kusut said...

Hi Yoon See ^^

so how's the pc issue? hope things are looking up. oh.. CONGRATULATIONS for all the awards!!

and thanks for the 'Best Blog' award^^ so grateful!!

- kusut

Julie said...

Thankyou for the award, Yoon See!!!
I recieved your package in the mail!!! It is so great! Love both Mona Lisa's!!! Especially the one of Yoon See Mona Lisa!!! LOL! They are so fun!!! Thankyou, also for the lovely stamps and info on the tigers!!! I will be posting it all later this week coming up!
xoxo- Julie

Bella Sinclair said...

OHHHH! Thank you, Yoon See! Congratulations on receiving all these great awards! You certainly deserve them and more.

I am having fun catching up with your adorable little children sketches and cute little mice. You've been busy!

Amy C said...

Oh Yoon See,
Big congrats to you for all of these wonderful and well deserved awards.
And thank you THANK YOU so very much for my award.
And BIG HUGE thank YOU for all of my my super lovely presents Yoon See, you are so very very kind and so incredibly generous and I was so VERY VERY happy to open up the parcel and find so many lovely things in there.
They are all so fantastic and you are so very talented.
Thank you

Nessa said...

Hi Yoon See!

Thank you for the award, thanks for thinking of me. Sori I haven't been visiting ya.

Have a great week ahead!

Emila Yusof said...

thank you so much, yoon see!!!