Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zombieland's moment with Hwee Yong

I did watched the Zombieland on 8th Dec 2009 but haven't write anything about it yet, so that's another day to 2010, I try to post my excitement watching this show. I went to watch the show with my former lecturer Hwee Yong after our short discussion on her Christian book's project.

Came all the way from Kota Kemuning down to Damansara, PJ. Certainly it's was not a short journey. Yes indeed, I rushed to the spot and couldn't get parking at the Curve's parking.

Try again.....Then, we headed to the Cinema, luckily the show hasn't started yet. I then collected my tickets for two. We went down the side street at the Curve, freely pacing and looking around. The Christmas atmosphere was so beautiful and it made me sung jingles.......We can't explode the street for too long because we need to return to the cinema...

Shortly the show started, I was so into it because the show had almost non stop thrillers! I must say it's a superb funny show, topped with surprises and beyond my expectations! I kept opened my eyes widely, stunning all the way unbelieving the horror yet thrilling moments were so real and moving! The story narrated an adventure of 4 survivors in Zombieland following funny rules to be the ultimate survivor! So, I hope I can be the scriptwriter adding in some of my KEY RULES too...He..He..

The show ended quite late. I was lucky to stay a night at Hwee Yong's place. Our conversation then shifted from Zombieland back to her project again. Hwee Yong gave me some insightful opinions to improve on the Christian book's illustrations. Thanks sister, it's good to meet up instead discussing on the phone! She also showed me some good books as reference. I have more ideas now!

P/s: Stanley, you should have's a real thriller worth watching not just once but twice...too bad you missed out the show!