Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gifts from Nicky Linzey

A set of 4 of element illustration cards,
the Christmas Pale and
a well wrapped necklace !
So clever,
you have got
and I love both!
An unique necklace!
I love brown, now I can wear
to match my brownie and
golden shoes...He..He..

My best gratitude to my dear talented artist friend Nicky Linzey for sending me these beautiful gifts. I first spotted these lovely cards during her One World, One heart giveaway, wouldn't know I am so lucky to get the card that I once had been eyeing on....

Thanks a trillion Nicky. You make me feel so special and my spirit is high, high and up up higher it goes!
I enjoy and admire the tenderness and mystery details and colours used.
The composition and flow of the creations are indeed amazing & fascinating!!!
For this reason, I always find the most positive inspiration & motivation from her.

She is a professional decorative print designer and illustrator. She and her Jack Russell always got the most humorous fact that make me smile and laugh!
There are some good news from her. Recently her Illustration has been featured in publication and she was the pick of the week for Magnify on Illustration Friday's challenge.

I simply like her style in illustration and mosaic photo presentation. These are some of my love.
These are my favourites. Do enjoy bits by bits here, here, here, here and here!
She has got a web page too, do check it out!

She even dedicate a post just for me upon my request. I am so so touched and honoured.

Thank you Nicky. You are so sweet and thoughtful!
Yes, that's why a friend is for!!!!!!


marianne said...

Gorgeous gifts you got there!
Hope you had a wonderful X-mas too!

Evelyn Howard said...


baincardin said...

Memang cantik sangat tu Yoon See! ^_^

*I'm promoting Pusat Darah Negara in 'Derma darah' campaign. Trying to persuade all the bloggers to donate blood.:)

Jom ikut Bain derma darah! yay! ^_^

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Nicky Linzey said...

You make me blush, thank you!

yoon see said...

You are most welcome Nicky!
Thank you friends:)