Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November top EC droppers & advertisers

Dearest EC friends,Regular and Random EC droppers,

Thank you for all that have visited my blog, your commitments on dropping EC consistently are most valued and appreciated. Thank you again friends.

1 month link display on my side bar awarded to the top ten November EC droppers which will start on today the 1st of December.

1000EC to the November 1st EC dropper ( credit to be sent on the 1st Dec 2009) Mumblings 31

500EC to the October 2nd EC dropper (credit to be sent on the 8th Dec 2009) General Illarteracy 31

250EC to the October 3rd EC dropper (credit to be sent on the 8th Dec 2009) Funky Town Disco Music 31

50EC to the 4th to 10th EC dropper (credit to be sent on the 16th Dec 2009)

Guitarbench.com 30
BeadedTail 29
Serian Man 29
Picture to People 29
Fledgling Blogger 29
Bible Examples 29
CoconutPalmDesigns 28

Thank you for your support on my blog. For those that have dropped daily and can't make it to the list above. And those just happen to discover my blog. No matter how many drops you have dropped on my blog, I really salute and value your contribution. Thanks again:)

Thanks to all November advertisers too.

I must apologize for missing a few EC drops previously. I would not do so but I was super busy and tire on that few days. I need to announce to you friend, I will temporary stop dropping EC for a few months starting from today. I have committed dropping at my own comfort, sleep much more earlier but still my situation now not permitted. I need a good rest for the time being, of course I am still very like you that need juggling with so many daily works, chores....

Anyway, I try to find time to drop by to your blogs and will still manage a few drops if time is permitted. Afterall, I do love your blogs:)
So, for this month I have stopped my piano class with my piano teacher.
I have cancelled a few tuition classes.
Yes, yes, my doctor's advice is to rest well, really well.

Since I stop dropping from today, I can't give away rewards like these at the end of December 2009.Hope you all understand and don't forget to have a pleasant time at dropping EC!

Yoon See


Nessa said...

Yoon See, thank you so much for the generous EC reward. I'm speechless!

I'm glad I made your list, thanks for the linky love too.

Do take plenty of rest, like your doctor advised. Happy birthday once again :D

Anny said...

Take care of your health first YoonSee.. the drops can come later :)

Take it easy ya... dec is a good month to rest and recover... and catch up.

May the month be good to you and may you get well soon.

junezach said...

Yoon See!

Congratulations to the top droppers! Can't believe it I did not make it in the top three. Too bad, I missed two days. Sigh! Still good anyway because I made it to the ten! ;D

Sorry to hear your condition. Take good care of your health. Get well soon my friend!

I will still consistently drop and visit your blog! Cheers to our friendship! Thanks a lot for everything! ;)

T.H said...

hi yoon see how you doing?

Mariuca said...

Alamak I didn make it dis month! Anyway I hope u get ur much-needed rest sweetie, take care! :)

The Girl From Cherry Blossom Street said...

Oh this is nice!
Congratulations to the droppers!:-)

When you get a chance, maybe you can visit this blog and leave a comment:

She's a talented illustrator too.

Have a good evening, my friend!

deepazartz said...

Take care of yourself which is far more important.Listen to your doc.

All the same, Happy to see so much happening here. Btw I didn't get the concept.

Good Day!

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)
I am resting now, don't worry...