Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The fever of "Zombieland" is on!!!

I haven't been watching any movie for some ages. Just work, work and work.
No play but work don't do any good:(
So, for the last two days, I have the privilege to rest well.
Visited some bloggerunited friends and still manage on dropping some EC if possible.
Write some good entries.....
After reading the latest post and a preview by a talented yet humble photographer friend Stanley Liew. I thought it's time for me to write about this trailer. Fun trailer, everyone like. Yoon See too love to laugh away with this fun action packed movie.
I do occasionally check on Advertlets for its latest news. I also read from some bloggers about their good experience at winning free tickets to show. Same like Stanley, I have't attempt to write a post about why I should win free tickets to watch the movie.
I like participation, I scored full marks for doing so during college. Another reason, I like to meet up with Stanley in person. I am his big fan. I like his story telling and photographies a lot. He is my inspiration to take more good photos. I hope to pass him some candid gifts that day because the screening day itself is his birthday:)
I am so blessed to be able to meet up with my other fans too, meeting with Kak Emila is another good experience. We have been to so many places together. We always exchange ideas on art creations. If I won free tickets, I will not hesitate to invite Kak Emila to go with me. Previously, I invited Kak Emila to go to a few art exhibitions with me. With her busy schedule, she still said "Yes" to me.
Meanwhile, I can meet up with other bloggers too. Now, finger cross....guess who are going....?!
I better get ready for tomorrow I will resume work the full swing as got to go out at 8.30am that I forget there are some new arrangements during this December school holidays.
Good for me, classes start early and I can go home early....

You are not alone, tickets for two. Make a date with Zombieland on the 8th of December.

Act now before the free tickets fly away to the first 15 bloggers who blog about it!
Yes, yes....Zombieland's fever is on!
Now it's your turn to win the said tickets, good luck dear friends!


Stanley said...

OOO!! I love presents =D Hope you get the tickets.

thenomadGourmand said...

yup you got it!

See you there!


junezach said...

I am waiting for this movie to be shown here in our place! Hehehe! =)

marianne said...

Woody is cool!
You have to take more time for yourself Yoon See!

yoon see said...

Thanks Rebecca and friends:)