Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gift from Vanessa Brantley Newton

A glimpse of the corner print ...
Wow! It's amazing!
Sweet, beautiful & magical are the words!

Limited edition prints numbered & signed by Vanessa

Vanessa Self Portrait-A contented beauty queen!

My favourite print!

Cool CD album designed by Vanessa
Abundant of gem gifts arrived yesterday from US, they were all from my super talented illustrator friend Vanessa Brantley Newton. She has worked closely with many renowned children publishers and her works has been published. She has so many followers too and I am one too:)
I got a handmade doll, shower set, her limited edition big prints and a cool CD album.
Thanks Vanessa, I had hung them up for display. You are always so kind, friendly and thoughtful.
You know how much I love them......Now, I have just decorated my plain wall with your prints!
Please wait for my Christmas gifts:)
Beautiful hibiscus gift wrapper
Handmade doll with great character


c0co said...

i favour your favourite print too dear!!!*-*~

MONICA said...

Lovely prints!!! enjoy with your art and Vanessa´s prints.

Hugs and kind regards

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a lovely gift.

Julie said...


Caroline said...

Well, what a lucky girl you are!!! It must have been so exciting to open that gorgeous package! Thank you very much for your sweet comments on my blog!

Gerald de Dios said...

Wow, such great gifts and findings!!!

yoon see said...

Thanks friends and Happy Friday!

Angie said...

Awesome gifts to receive! You are lucky to have such a lovely friend!

Amy C said...

how cool and generous, I love Vanessa's work, what a super lovely gift

Evelyn Howard said...

Wonderful pieces! Love the colours!