Friday, November 13, 2009

Balloon 3

Front view
Side view
Whole view
This is for Ken Wooi,
a super entertaining popular
top blogger, he is going to attend
his graduation soon.

His favourite colour is orange, so this photo
is adjusted to more orange hue

My wish to him he is always
happy, healthy and all the best
to his current and future undertakings!


I miss taking photos and here are a few happy ones for you.
Enjoy the happy smiley faces yeah people!
Happy Friday and reason to smile:)
Think of as many happy things happened to you lately
and make a wish for more of such to come through!
More balloons here, here and here if you love to!


Nessa said...

Balloons are for happy occasion but I used to be afraid of them when I was lil' girl. Cos of the bursting sound... boom! LOL!

Happy Graduation to Ken Wooi!

baincardin said...

Hi Yoon See! Happy Friday!!! ^_^

Keep smiling coz it makes u happy! always ^_^

*Nessa takut ballon tu meletopp ye? bain pun sikit takut...eeeee ^_^'

Lynn Cohen said...

and a very happy face back at cha!

yoon see said...

Thanks friend:)

Mónica said...

Hi Yoon See! Thanks for share happyness :) Nice smile in your post.
Have a great happy weekend :D

emilayusof said...

hqappy friday yoon see!

get zapped said...

Thanks for the lift...pun intended :)

Kay Aker said...

Balloon people,always a hit!

Unknown said...

Hey Yoon See
What a happy balloon!
ps sorry I'm a bit late. I've just got back fr my holiday :)


Ken Wooi said...

OMG how could i missed this?!
thank you so much! =D