Saturday, October 3, 2009

September Top EC droppers

Dearest EC friends,

Sorry for the late posting , my brother has been staying extra long on the computer today. Normally, he sleeps very early.
Thank you for all that have visited my blog, your commitments on dropping EC consistently are most valued and appreciated. My sincere prayer that Entrecard will continue to grow and may all of us find our greener pastures from here.

1 month October link display on my side bar awarded to the top ten September EC droppers which will start on this Sunday the 4th of October.

1000EC to the September 1st EC dropper
Picture to People 31

500EC to the September 2nd EC dropper
Beyond Left Field 30

250EC to the September 3rd EC dropper
Funky Town Disco Music 30 29
Fledgling Blogger 29
The Cooling Stream 28
Xephan and Reema 25
WillOaks Studio 25
Duck and Wheel With String 25
Wishing On A Falling Star 25


Yoon See

P/S: To the EC advertisers

Thank you for your trust and decision to advertise with us.
I hope that you will not just get good traffic but continue to stay active and prosperous in the bloggerland through many different meaningful yet inspirational sharings.

I will put up a weekly link specially for all October EC advertisers by this Sunday.


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Yoon, Oh my goodness my dear, How are you??? Hope that all is well with you. We are doing well. I have a special surprise that is coming to you!!!! I hope that you will like it very much!
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and blessing! The Lord has blessed with another year and I am forever grateful for it. Thanks so much for your sweet words for they are like dew and sweet honey. Thanks so much. Sending you a great many hugs and kisses from me!

gnac said...

you should not bother you for what little I did thank you so much, stay easy;)