Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Fill-Ins 14

1. I have a history of broken bones for 8 months .
2. Animation is something I wish I knew.
3. I'm eating a kiwi again.
4. Be observance on the road, safe drive save life.
5. So that's it, that's the dead end that requires a u-turn. Repent........and look up for God!
6. Speak out when necessary is better than sitting there doing nothing!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to announce the EC top dropper of September, tomorrow my plans include crafting and Sunday, I want to continue reading some good books!


Evelyn Howard said...
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Evelyn Howard said...

Hi Yoon See
1. Not good - hope all is well now.
3. Kiwi fruit I hope, not a New Zealander! (:sorry... no offence intended)
7. Sounds like a good plan, have a happy weekend! Ev
p/s nice illustration!

Benedict Chow said...

broken bones for 8 months?! Yoon See, hope all is well with you now ;) I like kiwi fruits too and I wish I can be an angel on the road all the time, which I hardly been :D Yeah, word is better than inaction and action is better than word :P

T.H said...

wow.. broken bones 8 mths what happened?


T.H said...

its okay dont say if bring back bad memory.

happy moon cake festival

Amy C said...

fun time and great advice. I hope you are healing quickly.
Enjoy that kiwi, I love kiwi fruit

Eric Barclay said...

Yoon See-- I hope that you are on the mend!

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh noooooooo, dear friend. I hope your bones are better. Please be careful!

Loved your little airplanes below. They are adorable! Wish they could paint real airplanes like that. :)