Thursday, October 22, 2009


Frozen: It's a white Christmas and make a wish!
Frozen: Discovering the joy of making a wish
and wait for it to knocks on your door!
Enjoy the joy & blooms surrounding you!
Frozen: It's like juggling & whipping
the beautiful blooms of your heart.
The river of dream above is the result
of the wish or wishes one made,
it's like polka candies dwelling sweetly
in one memories!

When you make a wish, your thoughts and action will be frozened for a few seconds, you will have faith & believing without doubt to it will happens for good!

I really love making a wish, it's so magical, the sweetest and most memorable moment!
So to you all, please don't hesitate to make a wish!

Lucky Sarah, this package of "Make a wish" is on her way to be delivered to her. I also include some cute toys for both of her darling daughters. They are an early Christmas gift too. Hope Sarah will like them! So, if ever feel cold, wear these fun felt gloves and make a wish!!! He..He..


Evelyn Howard said...

Very sweet. I have to think of something for IF...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of these sweet warm thoughts defrosts the frozen moment.

deepazartz said...

make a wish...thts nice and cute:)

Ben said...

I like the Frozen artwork. Pretty meaningful! Yeah, time move pretty fast, in another two months time it is Christmas :)

Asja said...

both your art work and your words are always lovely and inspiring!

Sarah's Creations said...

Thank you dear Yoon See. Looking forward to recive that beautiful art work. Thank you!


yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Gai said...

love your work

Ben said...

Yoon See, very glad to hear you plan to buy a dslr next year :) No worry about the lack of knowledge on basic photography technique. I don't have either when I brought my dslr in Apr this year. I believe photography is about passion for memories, to lock in memories of things surround me that I can flash back, share and laugh with my love ones and friends ;)

Talking about technique, I think it is useful to learn but don't over concern about the lack of it. You know I used to go photography trip with so called professional photographers. Well, one of the folk are so concern about getting the best shoot for his portfolio that he end up not shooting photo during the trip. He lamenting about the lighting, the setting and so on. I'm thankful for my so called naive of photography rules and just snap tons of photos, which I'm very happy bcos it won't cost me bomb nowadays to make shooting mistake. Just send it to recycle bin if don't like the photo and shoot again :D

Feel free to email me at If you've facebook, feel free to add me in as well. Happy weekend ;)

UB said...

I have make my wish. what a great idea. Thank you

yoon see said...

Thanks friend and I come and visit you all tonight!
Happy weekends:)

yoon see said...


Thanks for your advice and sharing.
I am so glad to know you through blogging and sure we are friend right.
We shall have more ideas exchange on photography ^0^

Owl Eng said...

Nice idea!! love your sweet interpretation of 'Frozen'... your illo and words have warmed my heart instead. ;)

Mizzsharon said...

Hey is your Make a wish by any chance a contribution to Make a wish foundation? Or a random act of kindness to anyone wanting to make a wish =)