Sunday, September 20, 2009

2 ways conversation

Friend: From your previous post, you stated you only comment when you are free and when the article catchs your attention.

Yoon See: He..He..Yes and no, I haven't finish yet....

Friend: Then, if someone misunderstand.

Yoon See: I hope all look at thing constructively.

Friend: Like how?

Yoon See: To be in the authour's shoe, there must be some valid reasons that all could agree with.

Yoon See: I sleep early now because I have to, I wake up early to drop EC and I try to visit and comment if my time is permitted. Previously I stay too long on line. Sometimes, I have morning classes and like today I need to attend church. Naturally, I have to set a time frame to do so. Previously, I stay up late struggling for both blogging and commenting.
To be franked, I had muscular infection before. It's not good to stay long in front of computer.
I move and try to exercise between every 45minutes.

Friend: You told me before.....

Yoon See: But there are friends that wrote to me and asking about this issue.
They just consent.....So, I must clarify....

Friend: What's more? Why?

Yoon See: As usual, I still comment and reply comments. I really respect my readers and visitors. I can't help not to comment when I am visiting the blogs I love. You will know what blogs I like. Actually , there are a lot......Relationship is well maintained if there is a two ways conversation.
I am straight forward person, just one word "love" to describe of my relationship to friends.
I hope to build up instead of building down.

I wish I could be a full time blogger or house wife that can attend to all the above mentioned. However, in reality, it's not as you think....not perfect.....
Full time blogger and house wife also must have their personal time to rest.
Actually, no one is free. I really appreciate friends that take time to blog and to come by here to comment. I thank you and salute you all for being such a committed blogger and visitor.
Imagine, if you are following 50 blogs or more and you need to comment on 50 blogs daily, blogging & commenting will be a chore more than a pleasure that you enjoy.
Surprisingly, I am actually following blogs more than that numbers.

Friend: Yeah, I totally agree with you.

Yoon See: We strike to do the best within our limit. Then, it's done.

Friend: Ha..Ha..Done.

Yoon See: I am going to attend to my sister. Being her driver out the whole day.


Neverland said...

Your always so sweet; do what you need real friends understand.
Good luck with all your endevors...
even resting!

Lynn said...

Yoon See, I agree with what you have written here. I too am busy with life...and find it more and more difficult to stay up with all the wonderful blogs...I have a handful of devoted followers and do my best to stay devoted to visiting their blogs as well, but it is not always easy. So if I get fewer comments one day or more I understand that people are busy with their goes on...thank goodness. Hugs to you.

mizzyN said...

i think when commenting has become a forced activity instead of a labour of love, it will decrease your desire to relate to your readers. So better to do it at your own time and be happy doing it.

Nice poast. Happy commenting Yoon See.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

It is difficult keeping up with blogging and all the activities that surround the blogging life. You can only do what is best for you. You have to think of yourself. Your blogging buddies will understand.

Julie said...

Sometimes, I can rarely post, and at times I go quite a long time without commenting...I just can't...with working full time and a family and grandkids too!!! Everyone is still aound when you get back...don't worry!!! All is well, and everyone loves you, Yoon See!!!

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Nicky Linzey said...

Yes, Yoon See it is very time consuming and becomes ever more so but you must put yourself and your family before blogging. I agree, your real friends will understand.