Friday, August 28, 2009

Yellow Blooms 2

The flower power in "Yellow"!
Yellow blooms by the road side.

Yellow blooms in threesome:)
Marvellous yellow bouquet in full blossoms! Gorgeous close up!

It was a lonely and quite Sunday noon while I passed by my Shah Alam neighbourhood. The traffic was clear, not much traffic....I drove very slowly and surprisingly saw these yellow blooms. Without second thoughts, I stopped my car and just stand there admiring the beauty of all the blooms.

There are all together four trees bearing these yellow full blossoms. Really inviting and all my worries were gone immediately!

Happy and I bought back some for flower arrangement! He..he..

However, my brother advised me to throw them away since we have no clue whether the flowers are poisoness or not! I have the same thoughts earlier before I brought them home but I really can't resisit the charm of these yellow beauties!

Yeah, girls and ladies are always in love with flowers!


Caroline said...

They are beautiful! No need to throw away - just make sure to wash your hands!!
Nice meeting you on Wednesday - thank you for tea and the gifts too - so very sweet of you!

yoon see said...

You are very kind, friendly and humble too Caroline, that's the reason I love you:)