Friday, August 28, 2009

Meeting with talented Caroline Soer

Yoon See and Caroline
So happy! Pretty green wrapped gift for me!
Charming handmade butterfly!
Japanese Butterfly origami art in high-light!

It was my privilege to meet up with my idol cum very talented artist friend Caroline Soer.
Her watercolour paintings are smashing and spectacular.
For those that know her, they will continue to follow her blog as she always update her blog with interesting findings.
As for those that are new to her, please...please..please check out her blog here and you will love it! Trust me:)
Personally, I always love to see her cat drawings and weekly Illustration Challenge's artworks as well as their interpretation! So well thoughts and drawn that I mustn't miss!
For this reason, I had wrote to her to request for a meet up earlier back in May. She had already planned for a trip. So, I waited patiently, keep in touch to check her availibity to meet. At last my wish to meet her came true! He..He..
We scheduled to meet up last two days, which was on Wednesday noon at KLCC Starbucks coffee house.
I was very excited to meet her. She is very friendly and look very pretty whether from her photo and also in person.
We had a pleasant moment chit-chatting. Exchanging some art sharing.
We both love green so much. See, Caroline is in green and wearing matching necklace.
She is so kind to give me a heart gift. Even though it's small but it's so meaningful to me.
I really cherish the few hours we had together and lI am looking forward to meet her again in the near future.


Caroline said...

Oh,my gosh, Yoon See, now I am blushing!! You are really too kind about my blog and art! It was indeed lovely meeting up - so glad you like the little butterfly too! I will be posting about our meeting soon. The photo turned out quite well didn't it?! Take care now and don't stay up too late blogging!! Caroline x0x

yoon see said...

You are welcome Caroline:)

Nicky Linzey said...

Lovely to see a picture of you and Caroline.

kenwooi said...

wow the paper butterfly is very amazing!