Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank you Soulbrush & Lynn

Creative felt pieces and
a beautiful greeting card from Lynn
ATCs, 1 inch cute arts and
an African towel from Soulbrush

Trillion thank you to my talented blogger friends Soulbrush & Lynn for these amazing cool gifts.
I love them a lot. I really treasure them. I have a drawers just for these collection.
Thank you beloved friends:)


Julie said...

How beautiful!!! I got a towel from Soulbrush it so much...isn't she just so thoughtful???

yoon see said...

Yeah, she is:):):)

rizal said...

yoon see.

Those are great items.

Love all those handmade. You can feel the owner's passion in handmade items.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Aren't these beautiful? These ladies are so inspirational.

yoon see said...

Thank you friends:)
Yeah, I hope to get some from you one day:):):) Ha..Ha..

Yes, they are...they are incredibly talented, creative, thoughtful and kind hearted.
I really love them and the gifts that I received.
I am so lucky!

marianne said...

Lovely treasures you got here!

Have a nice day!

yoon see said...

Thank you Marianne:)

Lynn said...

Yoon See, I am so delighted to see my art here! Thank you for posting it for others to see too. So sweet of you.