Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Telekom Tower Kuala Lumpur

Telekom tower: Standing tall!
Look at the greens at the balconies! Wow! Lovely ray that shines and speaks!
Another vertical cool view all the way up!

Palm breeze atmosphere!

I love this building's shots because of its elegant high-tech structure and design! These pictures were taken last November, they had been storing my computer for sometimes, I think I shouldn't miss sharing them with you. Enjoy!



wonderful shots of the tower! I pass by it so many times yet I have never stopped by to appreciate its architecture... you have captured it beautifully =)

thanks for sharing!


soulbrush said...

you certainly have captured it so well. elegant....a strange word for a building, but this is elegant.i showed my hubby all the drawings yu have been doing of me and for me, he was so touched, thinks you are very very sweet, and you are!!!!!!! love ya yoon see my daughter.

Caroline said...

Great shots Yoon See, thanks for sharing!

Teri C said...

What a fantastic modernistic-looking building! You live in such an interesting place.

Sarah said...

Hi yoon see!
Impressive building. I live nearby the tallest building in Stockholm, but it is only 155 meters high.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Don't you feel so small standing by a building so large??

yunus said...

Yoonsee! that awesome shot! the angle and perspective just nice :)
3rd photo is the most preferred!

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)
I amglad you love these:)

You are welcome, you are like mother too:)

Thanks and thanks:):):)

Teri C
Through the creative lens of a photographer, we make wonders:)
Malaysia is a beautiful country, please visit us to find out more:)

Thanks for sharing about your city and your excitement for this buliding!

Yes & No.... Just too amazed!
I feel so wonderful and satisfy finding times to capture this building thru different angles!

Thanks, I do agree with you Yunus, I want to learn from you Yunus:)

yunus said...

ya.. I'm still on learning process too. I do read and learn from virtual gurus around the are some links I most prefered for photography and designing thing :


some inspiration..

have a good time!

Anonymous said...

wow @ the close up architecture design! =)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting looking building.

Asja said...

beautiful and very impressive building! you've capture its elegance very well!

marianne said...

Malasia is very ahead with these futuristic structures!
You are a good photographer!