Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Telekom Tower Kuala Lumpur II

Beautiful treescape adorns the tower.
The tower is surrounded by
a mass of green foliage.
Little soft yet accented purple blossoms
candidly decorate the tree.

Wall cladding with minimal zen blue tone.

The tower is strategically located adjacent to the Federal Highway....with its bold Architectural, it manages to attract my attention every time I pass by......I would say it's so intelligently & creatively designed, indeed it's an icon of "calm in the storm", making its waves for attention yet its calmness and zen settings truly deliver the joy of a bliss stroll. I did enjoyed pacing very slowly to capture all the shots I needed. No hurry....Ha..Ha..with lots of satisfaction......yeeeeeaah!

Please read more on Part I here.


Anonymous said...

telekom tower!
never seen it in such a view before..
amazing! =)