Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ATC for Lynn

Lynn is a talented artist I met in Cactus Monday. Besides art and sewing....she got a special fondness in hat collection.
Here are the ATC(Artist Trading Cards) the front view that I created for her!(with hats on....)
Green Day
Orange farm yard
Cracked Heart
I did an entry on cracked heart on May 2009. Do check out my IF cracked entry here.
Please be sure to follow the second part of this post where I unveil the rear view of these ATC later!

Green Day
Orange farm yard


mizzyN said...

beautiful. i kept reading about ATC in your blog and think I'll check on it later.

Loke said...

nice drawing. :)


Lynn said...

Yoon See I love these ATCs you have done for me. I am so honored!
Thank you. I love the hats. I'm not sure where you got the idea about my having a collection of hats. I do wear ONE a lot outdoors!
LOL But now I do have a collection with the addition of these you have made for me. Thanks again! Actually it is my DH who has A LOT of HATS!!!!

milly (elephants&redwoods) said...

These are very fun

soulbrush said...

these are so good, yay! lynn and me getting your great cards...yippeeee.

Owl Eng said...

your illos for Lynn are very nice!! whimsical and have strong fashion sense!!

Anonymous said...

wow they are nice!
simply unique! =)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the round format of these ATCs. Beautiful hats.

Amy C said...

these are stunning - I really like the textures of her hair in Orange Farm Yard