Friday, June 5, 2009

Teacher's Day Gifts

I want to thank you all my students that remembered me in a special way during the recent teacher's day.
I love you students. I hope you all continue to be my darling students and study smart and get good results in the upcoming music exam OK.

Selamat Hari Guru which means Happy Teacher's Day

Wow! A giant big heart for me:)
My student likes teddy bear, she drew this for me:)

My student wished me all the best, yeah I was so happy!


Barbara/myth maker said...

Selamat Hari Guru, Yoon See! Your students are very lucky to have someone like you as their teacher!

Teri C said...

How absolutely sweet of them. You are obvioiusly so loved Yoon See.

Amy C said...

I know without a doubt that you must be a fantastic teacher, they are very lucky students!

Chris said...

That is so sweet! I love children's drawings, and the ones they made for you are very special :)

parisa mahmoudi said...

Happy teachers day,yoon see!

I agree with the others,Your students are so lucky to have a kind and talented teacher as you!
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P.S.I put your nice work for my 200th post on my blog+your link.
Hope you don't mind

Have a nice time

Delwyn said...

Yoon see

I am sure that you are a wonderfully sweet and clever teacher.Lucky students.

Happy Days

Anh said...

The bear your student drew for you reminds me of a Carebear, how adorable! =)

yoon see said...

Thanks Delwyn and Anh:)

marianne said...

Oh this is great! All these rewards by your students!
Must be exciting to see all those hearts and to feel you are loved!

mizzyN said...

happy teacher's day to you. teacher makes the world go round. when i was in standard five it was our teacher who gave us goodies (chocolates and rm3 in 3 gold coins).

Anonymous said...

you are a music teacher?
wow.. now only i know..
haha.. =)

yoon see said...

Thanks friends:)

Thanks for your compliments. I wish you "Selamat Hari Guru" too!

Teri: C)

Amy C:

I can relate and thanks....and thanks!

Thanks, you are so sweet!

Thanks and I hope I always can keep up to that:)

Wow! You are so thoughtful Anh!
Cute lol...

marianne: Yeah, all filled within my heart.

Sound like you have a great great time on teacher's day! I wish you turn back the time and cherish that sweet moment MizzyN:)

You want to learn music kenwooi?