Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gift from Bella Sinclair

This is a very beautiful decorative japanese picture frame handcrafted by super talented Bella Sinclair. Thank you Bella Sinclair. She is very thoughtful and know all that I like. I am so happy, I got what I wanted......
I really cherish our friendship and even wrote to her to keep in touch. I love her from the bottom of my heart. I love her family too. Little Nona and Emma are so cute and adorable too.
This is how our friendship have blossomed, when I first started blogging last year, she was the first few that welcomed me to the bloggyland. Since then, she never stopped visiting my blog in midst of business. She is a very responsive, positive and thankful person.
Her blog entries are very whimsical and packed of creative ideas. It's a must visit blog and it's Yoon See 10 must read art blogs that I voted not long ago. She currently got more than hundred followers following her blog; isn't it incredible, it's not by chance, it's certainly some cool chemistry she is at work with all friends and visitors. We all should learn from her.
My best wishes to her relocation from Japan to US. It's a long journey but with God's protection and mercy. Bella, your new settlement will be a blessing and opportunities are always waiting for you.

Take good care yeah:)

This were the Hello Kitties I gave her and she incorporated so well here.


keeyit said...

Wohhh.. very nice

You can visit my blog

marianne said...

Wow what a lovely gift!
Have to see her blog, must be special......

HAve a nice day Yoon See!

Anh said...

Friends are very special =)
I too love how she incorporated the kitties.

- c H i E n - said...

Woah, really nice gift!
I understand how you feel. Because I have a friend who is in UK studying and our friendship is still as strong as ever. I still have the feelings of excitement every single time I receive her email. =)

Sarah said...

Hi yoon see,
You are a lucky person to have such a friend. The gift is very nice.
The flower in the previous post is very beautiful.

If you want to learn more about jewelry making you can visit this website:

Have a nice day.

mizzyN said...


soulbrush said...

bella IS a very special lady, like her blog lots too.

Bella Sinclair said...

Awww, Yoon See, you make me cry! I am so touched. You are truly a very special person, and I keep coming back to see you because of all your love and positive energy and talent. I cherish our friendship. Thank you for everything, dear friend!

kj said...

you mean taco bella? :)

yoon see, i second everything already said. bella is a talented gracious woman with a wicked sense of humor. i am very glad to know she is a friend of yours.


Anonymous said...

nice lovely gift =)

yoon see said...

Thanks friends for your lovely comments. Sorry to comment so late....

keeyit: OK. You got a great blog!

marianne:Please go and see her blog, you will fall in love with all her illustrations and also herself!

Anh:Thanks for your support Anh!
chien: Wow! You had got similar experience chien.
Glad that you recall sweet momeories from here:)

Sarah: Thanks Sarah for being my friend, your compliments made me so happy and productive...He..He..
Thanks for the link. I will check later:)

mizzyN: Kutesy...High five!

Soulbrush: Thanks for mentioning your love to Bella:)

Special thanks Bella Sinclair:
You also make me cry. I am very touched by you Bella. I love to echo after you,he...he..the same I keep coming back because you are super positive, very humble and so friendly.
You blog is like my second home besides my real home.
I also cherish our friendship.
Thank you for everything dearest friend Bella.
Love you...Love you...Love you...Love you...Love you...Love you...!
I have said it 8 times!
Yeah :I love you Bella"

Kj: Yes, truly she is one of my best friends!

kenwooi: He..He...yeah lol!

mizzyN said...

high five!

yoon see said...

High five too mizzyN!