Saturday, June 6, 2009


On Thursday night, I passed by Puchong Tesco. I was attracted by these cool cool colourful kaleidoscope decorative towers. I was so stunned and instantly stopped and parked my car by the roadside. Then, I casually stood there in ease for at least 1 minute admiring the myths of the towers.
These identical twin towers however were built at some short distance away, dashed the innovative ideas in celebration of colours, lights......I can connect them with some visuals like locomotion, circus, merry go round, rollercoaster and lollipop!

Enjoy some cool videos!

Life is a rollercoaster by Ronan Keating

Time for dreams by Lang Lang & Schiller


MONICA said...

Lovely colors and wonderful. I've included a translator in my blog in order for you to have the content in English. Regards. Monica

Julie said...

Wow...what neat towers! I have never seen anything like that so bright and colorful! You are right that it conjures up images of other things like you mentioned...very cool. I will listen to the videos later cause my hubby is sleeping in his chair right here right now. LOL!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You always seem to find the most interesting displays of lights. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Anh said...

Makes me think of marbles and also of my 4th grade project which involves connection of marshmellows and toothpicks. We were learning 3 dimensional shapes =P

kj said...

i've never seen anything like this either. made me think of atoms...


Owl Eng said...

the towers are attractive with bright colours and nice shapes!!! very charming. You have captured them so well. they make great piece of art

Ronan Keating's always been one of my favourite artists too. this fabulous song of his has been played over and over again at my ipod ;). catchy, timeless and so meaningful ;)

yoon see said...

Thank you friends:)

Chan Wah Chen said...

You always have an unique creative way to aee things. This is a good example you used on the towers. They are so colourful and taken in a very eye catching angle.

Thanks for looking at my blog and giving me the encouragement. I am okay.

chan wah

Anonymous said...

very colourful!
nice balls.. haha =)

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Thanks for your regular visit, Yoon See.
I was quite busy for a while and now I able to find time to update my blog!
You have so much interesting posts here! I am bad writer, not much scripts in my post..
Keep Posting!

Diana Evans said...

oh wow!!! these are amazing Yoon See!!! I love the colours and the!!!

thanks for popping by and leaving the sweet Anniversary wishes...we had a wonderful weekend away!!!


Bella Sinclair said...

Wow! I would have stopped and stared at these for hours! Beautiful photos you've captured! How FUN!

yoon see said...

Thanks friends for your kind comments:)

Thanks monica, you are very thoughtful!
I am so happy to know you and we are friend now:)

Wow! Julie, I am so glad you love the shots:)
Thanks it does conjures the ones that I mentioned, I just love to relate...
Hope you had listened to those cool songs and enjoyed your visit here!

Lisa: Yeah, I love going out at night, shoting night scene. They are irristable! Thanks for your wishes, happy weekends to you too:)

Anh: Wow! I just so envy you ....You all learned 3D study in primary but I didn't...
Sounds so fun:)
Connection of marshmellows and's a great challenge!
No wonder, Anh you are so creative in your writing and art:)

kj: You got the best answer here. I miss mentioning it!

owl eng:
Thanks for your compliments.
I just happened to be there, so I thought, don't miss any opportunity to snap some candid shots. If I go there again, I have to pay two ways toll which is about RM3.20...not worth travel again!

wah chen:
Thanks for dropping by brother wah chen.
It's not easy to have you to comment here. I really cherish your drop by and kind comment:)
Please visit when you are free.

Yeah, nice and big balls..don't play play!

You are always welcome May.
I know how busy you are. It's not easy to juggle within job, family , blogging and so many things...
You are so humble, your posts are always inspiring and brilliently attractive.
I will say very beautiful, poetic and very meaningful. I love you blog May!
Yes, I will go go go and post more!!!

Diana: I am happy that you all have a super wonderful week!

Bella: Yeah fun, I wish Nona and Emma also enjoy looking at these colourful towers. But I enjoyed yours better, still remember the hierarchy tower on your blog!
That's truly amazing! I didn't blink my eyes but rubbed my eyes to see its greatness again!!!

Chris said...

Those pictures are so cool. Reminds me of Lite Brite! :)

yoon see said...

Thanks Chris:)

Asja said...

great photos! so colorful and fun!

yoon see said...

Thanks Asja:)