Monday, October 27, 2008


I love sugarcane drink so do my family.
Normally, I will serve this special drink to my family every 4 months
During the Hari Raya week, I was busy trimming my home grown sugarcane .
You now, it’s a messy job…..doing all these details job from trimming, chopping, cleaning etc.
For your info, there are three types of sugarcanes namely the purple-red, yellow green and traditional black sugarcane.
The first one is good for boiling water, the second one is just nice to drink fresh alone and the last one is a limited edition use for the making of traditional sugarcane herb soup.


Ken said...

hey where is mine?!?!?!

yoon see said...

Don't worry, I will invite you for sugarcane feast next time:)

Anh said...

I love sugarcane drinks too! Wow I didn't know there are three types. Thanks for the knowledge =)

yoon see said...

Thanks Anh for dropping by.
And now you know LOL:)