Thursday, August 15, 2013


Fresh like an orange!

This watercolour painting was done pretty quickly. 
When I opened my sketchbook back in 2011, 
inspiration of painting orange just flowed in because during that time, 
I was surrounded by lots of orange blooms at home!

Now, when I revisit this painting, 
the very same feeling of freshness of 
creating this painting still abide...

Many friends that I met in bloggerland like orange colour.
Julie, Ces, Bella Sinclair and Kenwooi..are a few to mention here.

Freshly I deliver my most freshly dedication to all the above 
and all that love orange colour yeah!

Hey friends, you don't mind to feel some  
fresh orange blooms 
here, here and here!


Julie said...

This sweet girl is so super fresh adn beautiful. Amazing how quickly you can create when you are so inspired! Yes, I am a devout lover of orange!!! hehehe.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Orange is so cheerful. I hope you are sketching again.