Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Thank you friends that drop by to my blog.

For your information, I am now busy for good!

Still very passionate of creating art but love to find time 
to have more quite time with God!
Though not always on-line but I like to wish you all a great day ahead!
Also thank you for all your kind wishes.
We sure keep in touch again!



Barbara/myth maker said...

Good to see you, Yoon See.

Julie said...

Hi there!!!!! This is adorable! Miss you, too! Hope all is well in your world, girlfriend!!!
xoxo- Julie
P.S. Still loving to look at my pom pom art hanging right by my computer!!!

Owl Eng said...

ooooo.... that's adorable! and it's a very creative use of spoon to present your illustration.
Great to see you back to blog!