Friday, January 18, 2013

The Smiley Box

can be so simple
it's expressed from one's heart...

and dedicate to the world....
 Thank you to be my friends 
you all have brighten my world! 

turn around
see the world 
connect within!
It's just so simple!
Just smile!
No pretending!!!
"Smile" is the word!
Wishful smile!
 Smile is the key!
to enter and leave this world with grace!
 Smile like no one is watching!
Here a hug for you!
for there is someone so kind like God
sent guardian angel to guide us!
smile is also a gift from God!
a special gift....
very special gift.......
open up
smile to the world!

I have spent a good amount of quality time 
contemplating the fun & beauty 
of this project!

The result is marvelous!

Smile. Freedom. Thanksgiving. Friends.
Happiness. Connection. Classic.
The happiness from God only can let us truly happy and smiling!

Confession: I love this simple project so much!
I stare at it day and night!

It's my great companion for 2013.......
I'm so glad I trust my instinct
 doing something I love and 
it's a dedication to all.

Hope you find the true happiness through  
some kind gestures.....
and a smile to begins with is a bomus!

Actually, there were more smile(s) all over the box.

Do you realize?
The End