Saturday, January 19, 2013


This is a myth 神話 or traditional folklore about a  

 Growing with Sang Kancil stories.....

As far that I can recall, 
I enjoy every single moment 
reading it over and over when I was little.
From its fairytale pictures to its beautiful stories' lines..
 and to doodling my own version too! 

I want to retell this story with 
my art creation here below.

More stories click here!

Front view
Side view
side view 
 Side view


Sarah said...

Awesome work! I'm glad to have found your blog. Your style is wonderful and unique. I love your post "We Are True Friends" too..Such cute characters :)

Julie said...

This is such a neat idea for painting a story!!! I may have to try this with the grandkids. Does your container have wax all over you do anything to prepare it to paint on??? Like do you have to sand it???

Claire Wildish said...

I love this! You've made what looks like an ordinary milk carton into a magical story book. Wonderful!!