Friday, April 20, 2012

Healing art!

Last year, I met an artist whom is very supportive on spreading the love on self healing! 
After communicating with her, I began to involve myself in healing arts through painting!
Then after, I feel greater relief on painting more and more the subject from my inner thoughts!
 Expressing my inner child 
the most playful way!
Holding back my sweet tooth 
on ice cream 
and much more...

The journey that I embarked 
here in blogland gradually slowing down since 2010.
It's for me to spend more time on myself development.
Along the way, the development has nurtured me 
to be a more daring being....of being an artist, pianist and 
of any positions that I want to be.......
which is why I am so excited about it!


Julie said...

I love your art here, Yoon See! Daring Yoon See! I see you as someone who lives life to the fullest!!!
xoxo- Julie

Lynn said...

Your art is fun the humor and the health needs (mine, to stay away from the ice cream now)...glad you have experience inner healing for all you are being and becoming! Keep taking good care of yourself.

Kay Aker said...

Love it!

Bella Sinclair said...

I am so very excited for you! You are on a great journey, and with all your talent and determination, I know you can be everything you've ever dreamed. I wish you so much joy and growth along the way!

And I love these paintings! Lots of whimsy and creativity. :D